Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The BEC Exam is my Super Bowl

***2016 Update is here***

I live in New York and all I hear right now is that the Giants are in the Super Bowl. The TV, the radio, friends, family, and co-workers – everyone is more excited about the Super Bowl than usual because it’s a NY team. Long-time Giants fans (such as my husband) are super excited. He has his lucky Giants sweatshirt ready to go for Sunday’s big game.
I grew up in a football-crazy house (my brother has played for years from Pee Wee League all the way to Semi-Pro) and I like football, but I don’t like the Giants. Regardless, I can’t help but get caught up in the enthusiasm and even think of my upcoming BEC Exam as the ultimate Super Bowl rematch – The Cooking Accountant vs. BEC. The last time I took BEC, I failed with a 74. I’m ready for a rematch.

All-time record: BEC – 6, The Cooking Accountant – 0.

I am scheduled to take BEC in about 10 weeks. The only study aid I have purchased so far is my Wiley 2012 BEC book
. My study plan consists of working on one Wiley module a week; I would begin by reading the module on Sunday and start working on the questions on Wednesday. The aim is to complete every module by Saturday. The final week will be reserved for reviewing the material and solving CPA Exam practice questions. To motivate myself to study, I started looking at these first few weeks of my plan as “the regular season” and that last week as “the playoffs.” If I can’t finish the modules in the regular season, there’s no way I can make the playoffs and answer those questions correctly. I have to work hard to get through those modules by dedicating time for CPA Exam study and adding as many extra hours of practice questions as possible.
My goal is to beat BEC in my own Super Bowl. Hopefully, this year I will be the Super Bowl Champion.   
Are you excited about the Super Bowl? Do you have your own rematch with a CPA Exam part planned?


  1. Good Luck To you.CPA exam are not that easy but if you put dedication on it for sure it will be easy.

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  4. So how did you do?

  5. I have a rematch with all of the CPA exam parts actually! But recently passed BEC....3 more to go! Rare is the candidate who only needs to listen to the lectures and do the problems once to pass (that would be my friend); I have so much work to do for each section it's nuts! I'm taking AUD next and hoping for the best

  6. You can do it!

    Thanks for including me on the blogroll. I feel sincerely honored.

    Now go beat that test.

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  8. So what happened with the BEC?

    The BEC has the lowest passing percentages. Most students struggle with the BEC.

  9. Funny I just stumbled across this post. I'm taking BEC in two weeks for the first time.