Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Still Hate BEC

***2016 Update is here***

Four years later and…

I’m still not a CPA.

BEC kicked my butt again and I lost all my credits back in 2012. I seriously hate BEC. If BEC could be slapped across the face, I would give it a firm backhand.

I’m still not a CPA. And I don’t care.  

Well, that’s a lie. It does bother me sometimes. But for those of you like me out there, there is hope. I rose pretty high up in the corporate accounting world despite the lack of a license. It’s funny; some people care a whole lot about that piece of paper, but I’ve found most people valued my unique work experience more. So it did pay off to take on projects that other people didn’t want because they were a disaster to clean up, learn some SQL or had you working extremely late. I like a good challenge!

I like to say I’m a CPA twice since I failed by one point and lost the other 3 credits 2 times! Yes, TWO times. No wonder I was not in a rush to re-take it!

I actually did buy those lovely Wiley CPA Review books a few times since 2012 in an admirable attempt to start over. However, each time, work and life got in the way, and the books are sitting in a pile on the floor of my home office. The leaning tower of CPA review books…

I’m not sure what I want to do about the Exam right now, but I missed my blog and the CPA Exam blogging community. So here I am again. I had to update a few Amazon links on the blog, so I put up some BEC products on the sidebar as a joke to motivate me to start studying again.  Ugh, those purple books are mocking me…

How has everyone been? Hopefully, most of the people who used to read my blog have passed the Exam. I’m honestly happy for you if you did ;-) . Join me anyway! I plan on writing about Accounting (fun!), Excel (yes!), Cooking (yum!) and (maybe, just maybe) the CPA Exam.

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