Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where I’m At…

Growing up, I would spend New Year’s Day journaling about the year that passed and what I wished for the upcoming year. I would write anywhere from 5-10 pages. Even though I have stopped journaling some years ago, I still like to reflect on and learn from the past and plan for the future.

Although a little late, this is my 2012 New Year journal entry and lets you know where I am with the Accounting and Non-Accounting areas of my life.

With the CPA Exam
I took FAR back in October when I was about to lose the last conditional credit I had left. I got a 70 and all my credits had expired. I was forced to start at Square One again and signed up to take BEC in April. BEC has changed and now includes writing in addition to the multiple choice questions, making it even more challenging. I have started a self-study plan using the 2012 Wiley textbook and may add a Cram course in March. I plan to blog regularly on my study progress even if it’s a paragraph.

With my Career
In the past, I have avoided writing too much about my career on this blog. Going forward, I would like to change that since I feel this is the most exciting time of my accounting career. I left my corporate job and took a few months to decide what I wanted to do. I went on a number of interviews for Controller and Assistant Controller positions, but eventually I started a consulting business. I have always wanted to work for myself and it’s a dream come true to do that. There were many new challenges I faced and would like to write about them. I actually started 2012 in a Nerdy Accountant way – by closing my books for the year and calculating estimated taxes!

With my Non-Accounting Life
I have re-discovered yoga and healthy eating as a way to work on my health. I plan to include some of the new healthy recipes and cooking tips. Spending more time with family and friends is now high on my list and no longer second to work. After so many years of lopsided living, I strive for a fairly reasonable balance between my work and my personal life.  

With this Blog
Many aspects of my life have changed in the past year and I wasn’t sure what to do with my blog. I want The Cooking Accountant to reflect my present interests, but I find myself getting stuck. I get trapped into thinking that you, my readers, may not be interested in the things that currently concern me and that I might not have the most relevant advice for students. It has been years since I have been a student or a recent college graduate. The one thing I can offer, however, is advice to recent grads and interns on what to expect once they enter the corporate world.

Since all my peers either have their CPA license or gave up trying a long time ago, I feel like I can’t commiserate with them as I continue on my CPA journey. Most of my friends and family don’t understand why I keep trying and I am sure they are sick of hearing about it. I am sure there are others out there in the same boat as me, so I will continue to write about my journey trying to pass the Exam.

I am very thankful for my readers and will aspire to write things in 2012 that will interest you.
What are some of your goals/wishes/dreams/thoughts for 2012?


  1. Hi I found you yesterday & was excited to find someone like me. I love to see & craft, but then also am an accountant studying for my CPA. Sometimes I feel like it's 2 different worlds. So far I have taken FAR & BEC, 73 on both :( Going to take a review class and will be taking FAR in April & BEC in May. Congrats on starting your own business, that is so exciting! Look forward to seeing more from you! :)

  2. *sew & craft. Should've proofread :)

  3. Thanks Melissa! Good luck with your studying! :)

  4. I love to craft too. I craft songs, write poems, stories, write music, I seem to be a creative type like both of you, Melissa and Cooking Accountant. I too am studying for the CPA.

    I find that certain universal truths transcend, especially symbols and numbers. Where sewing might intersect with accounting is in the use of numbers as symbols. For example, the accounting equation demonstrates the law of three since it is Assets = Liabilities + Equity, and balance is present - as we painfully are aware - in almost every aspect of accounting.

    Cheers, and here is to our success in taking this exam.

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