Sunday, July 26, 2009

Non-Recipes: The Result of Studying and Working Late

The lack of recipes I have posted in recent weeks is a direct result of working late hours and trying to squeeze in studying for the CPA Exam. I don't have time to make anything that takes more than a half hour – total. So that rules out most recipes.

We don't really like eating takeout or fast food, so I have been making “non-recipe” dinners. These meals are basically ideas I want to share in case there are any other CPA EXAM candidates, students or anyone who doesn't have the time to cook but craves something better than a frozen entree (although, I have to admit, some frozen entrees are OK).

I had a craving for seafood one night last week and decided to make something with the frozen shrimp I had on hand. I sautéed the shrimp in sesame oil with garlic salt and frozen sugar snap peas. Served over Uncle Ben's Fried Rice, it was delicious.

Last night, I made my version of the sausage and peppers that they sell at Mets games. I grilled Premio Sweet Italian Sausages on my George Foreman Grill. When they were almost done, I started sautéing half an onion and some frozen sliced bell peppers with salt and pepper. I served the sausages in hot dog buns (hoagie rolls would be better) and topped them with the peppers. They tasted similar to the ones at the game.

What is your favorite “non-recipe” dinner?


  1. If you like Premio sausage recipes, check out their new site -- -- all sausage based recipes -- very cool!

  2. yep anything I cook should not take me more than 30 min including prep and cooking time. Crepes are great for that reason and yummy!

  3. I usually cook lots of (non-recipe) stuff and freeze them (usually a week's worth). Last week I boiled carrots, potatoes, and brats/sausages (in that order, bottom first), and made some tomato & onions "soup" - and that's what I had for most of the week. Sometimes I splurge a little and buy rotisserie chicken from Kroger/Walmart $6 - and it usually lasts me about a week and I eat that with bread or vegetables or whatever I feel like. Bachelor dinners.
    Another timesaver that I have is, two "loaves"-worth of PBJ sandwiches that I grab on my way out when I forget to pack my lunch to work.
    I have enjoyed your blog... I will be back.