Monday, July 20, 2009

My Guest Post on Roger CPA Review Blog!

I have some very cool news:

Today, the awesome people at Roger CPA Review posted an article I wrote about breakfast ideas for the morning of the CPA Exam.

I am so excited about doing this guest post and urge you to check out their blog for information to help you with your CPA Exam studying. I am currently using their CRAM for REG and am very impressed. Hopefully, it will help me pass :-)


  1. Girlie, you rocked our socks and ANY TIME you would like to do a guest post for us we would be absolutely honored!!

    you're actually WAY awesome because we started getting feedback just hours after that was posted - that's almost better than WE are able to do with our own blog posts!!

    But, uh, we'd like you to worry about the exam for now, of course :)

    THANK *YOU*!!


  2. Thanks Adrienne!

    I am just happy you and your readers liked it. I would definitely like to do a guest post in the future. But as you said, I need to concentrate on the Exam for now!