Saturday, February 4, 2023

Kitchen Organization Series: # 4 - Staying Organized

So, now that you’ve created a home for everything in your kitchen, try to keep putting the items away in their home. If something isn’t fitting or working, re-evaluate whether you can declutter some more or if the item actually belongs there. I ended up moving some of my cheesecake pans and Bundt pan to the back of the pans cabinet because I don’t bake that often. It made it easier to put my loaf pans away.

To keep kitchen counters from becoming a junk area, keep a bin with a label on it that says, “Bring upstairs.”  This is for any papers that need to get shredded or buttons that fall off shirts in the wash. Somehow all this stuff ends up on the kitchen counter. This will help keep things that don’t belong out of your kitchen.  

As I mentioned in the introduction post of this series, its’s hard to keep things organized when a lot is going on, but you can always perform a refresh at the beginning of the year. By following my own tips, I was able to declutter my counters and two cabinets to make it easier to cook.

So, my best tip is: Keep everything in its home! And keep other things out of its home!



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