Friday, June 10, 2011

It’s Been a Long Time

It’s been a long time…
I shouldn’t have left you
Without a strong post to read through

Okay, okay. I’m not Eric B & Rakim but that song (“I Know you Got Soul”) immediately came to mind while I was typing the title of this post.

As you know, I took a break from this blog several months ago.

What you don’t know are the reasons why.

You might have considered that my absence was due to failing BEC and as a result losing FAR. That alone is not the reason I stopped writing. I still had credit for Regulation and Audit so I took some time off and then continued to take the exam. I ended up taking BEC again in August which I failed with a 69, and then again in October which I also failed but with a 74 (bangs head against brick wall).

At that time, a few non-CPA Exam-related things took place in my life. Work hours became crazy (and I mean more so than usual), then a series of bad events transpired which I will not get into here, followed by my sustaining an injury which made mobility difficult. I concentrated on work, the people in my life and my health.

Things seem to have settled down for now and to summarize where I am today CPA Exam-wise: I lost my FAR and AUD credits, I can’t pass BEC for anything (seriously I’ve taken it half a dozen times), but at least I retain my REG credit until this fall.

I still have a number of draft posts I wrote while/after taking my BEC exams but did not get a chance to post. I plan to post them to share my test-taking experiences with you.

I have also signed up to re-take FAR in July. So that means some studying this month which I will have to write about.

As for new meals, my injury prevented me from standing for long periods of time. However, I have been able to start cooking again and now have more time to rediscover my love of cooking. This summer I want to make some more creative and healthy meals which I hope you will like.

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