Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving in the US, so I wanted to wish my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I am making butternut squash as a side dish and will post the recipe tonight or tomorrow. I snuck a taste and it’s pretty good so far!

On another note, someone anonymously posted a comment to my blog which I decided to reject. The commenter incorrectly assumed that the people who commented on my post did not put in the necessary hours to pass. Maybe I didn’t THIS TIME, but how does he/she know how many hours we all studied? Give me a break. This commenter was very negative and I want this blog to be a place where we are comfortable venting about our experiences with the CPA Exam and sharing recipes and cooking techniques.

Negative comments do not help people pass the Exam; all they do is discourage people. I don’t think comments such as this person’s add value to my blog and as such will not approve them.

So to my readers: I don’t care how many hours you study, what counts is the quality of your studying! If you want it, you can do it! We will pass!


  1. i hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving. your butternut squash sounds delish! i don't blame you for rejecting the negative comment. i would have done the same thing. hugs sweetie, don't let the negative comments people get you down. i know you can pass the cpa - for sure!! :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Well said negativity is last thing we need. At the same time we need to do our reality check time to time right?

  3. Thanks Melita! :-)
    Hope your Thanksgiving was great as well!

    (Sorry! Your comment didn't post due to error bX-qho3w3 but I wanted to acknowledge it because it was so kind).

  4. I loooovvveeeee this blog!!! I'm in NY also and I'm beginning my quest to pass the CPA while also trying to not to starve...LOL...where are you girl??? Please post soon :(

  5. Thanks so much Sheryl!
    I'm sorry :-( I've been working crazy hours.
    Hopefully, I can get some posts up this weekend.

    Good luck to you! Which part are you studying for?
    Stay safe during this blizzard!