Sunday, June 7, 2009

Creative Wedding Food

We attended a family member’s wedding the other night and had a fantastic time.

Everything was amazing, but the most impressive aspect was the food. I couldn't wait to try it since I knew the event would be catered by a well-known caterer who specializes in creative cuisine.

In addition to the cocktail hour stations (which were not the usual sliced roast beef and ziti in tomato sauce), waiters passed around trays of food which were ingeniously presented (for example, blanketed frank lollipops stuck into a bed of grass - yes, grass). We had a delicious lobster soufflé to start. I had truffled sea bass on wilted spinach as an entrée, while my husband had peppercorn crusted beef.

I wanted to share a picture of the dessert. It was a banana semifreddo encased in a chocolate curl along with a tower of vanilla and chocolate ice cream topped with crunchy banana. When I cut my fork into the ice cream tower, chocolate sauce oozed out. Mmmmm so good!


  1. oh man, oozing chocolate sauce.... you saved some for me right, RIGHT??!! lol. just kidding.

    while i'm not a huge fan of weddings, sometimes the food can be worth it :)

  2. It was sooooo good! I'm going to try to make it one day and post if it's not a disaster.