Friday, May 22, 2009

Error: Score not found

I really hate that phrase.

For the past 3 days, I had been compulsively checking for my Audit grade. I tried to stay away from the computer (read a library book, looked through cookbooks, washed pots and pans, found something to organize). These things kept me busy for 15-20 minutes (organizing the closet took a little longer) and then I was back on NASBA’s website. I have stayed up past 1AM for 3 nights straight checking for that elusive grade. Then I wake up early the next morning to check again!

I needed to put an end to the seemingly endless waiting, so I called NASBA this morning to see if they have my grade. The NASBA rep gave me a canned response that grades are posted as soon as they are received. I asked her if she could check if I would receive my grade in the 1st wave of score releases or in the 2nd wave. She said she couldn't do that and that my score would be released some time from now into June. Not much help.

I decided not to check NASBA’s website anymore (easier said than done) because my grade might not come out this wave. I would be wasting my time. Sometimes I feel like waiting for my grade is harder than taking the CPA Exam! Does anyone else share these frustrations?


  1. Yeah I also took AUD on 5/1 and still nothing has come up on the NASBA site...I looked at some other sites and they said the scores may come out as late as 6/18...yikes

  2. It really isn't fair that we have to wait so long for our grades, but unfortunately there's nothing we can do. Hopefully, we will pass all 4 parts so we don't have to deal with the wait anymore!

  3. hi!! I'm new to your blog... being in the exact shoes as yourself, I was googling "cpa exam score release dates" and one of the results was your blog!! I am still currently waiting for my audit grade; have you received yours yet??

  4. Hi Shannon! Thanks for reading!

    I still did not receive my score and I took it 4/25!!! I went on CPAnet forum and Another71's site and people are stil waiting. I need my grade!!! When did you take it? I hope you pass!

  5. LOL. I know this feeling. I just took AUD in August. I have the NASBA site bookmarked with the exam section ID and date of birth. I check maybe 20 times a day.

    However, I have noticed that it seems like scores always come up on Friday evenings. Strange.