Sunday, April 5, 2009

Required: CPA or MBA

Why must almost every Accounting Manager or Assistant Controller job require a CPA or MBA certification as a prerequisite to even be considered for the position? I understand that companies are seeking qualified individuals, but doesn't experience count as a qualification anymore?

I was the FASB and tax go-to person in a previous job as Accounting Manager; asked to advise in situations affected by new or complicated accounting pronouncements or how to handle the accounting or tax consequences of new business transactions (like dealing with VAT after the purchase of a UK trading business or creating a model for hedge effectiveness testing). I have run countless monthly accounting closes (yes, run; not just prepared the JEs). So why would anything change after I pass the CPA Exam and get my license? I would still possess the same knowledge through EXPERIENCE.

I don’t even bother applying to jobs where a CPA or MBA is “required.” I will, however, apply to jobs where those qualifications are “preferred.”

Are any other CPA candidates out there looking for a job and are you frustrated that your resume isn't getting a response to a job whose description you know is a perfect fit for both sides and you suspect it’s because you don’t have your license yet? Please share your story!


  1. great picture! did you take it yourself or did you buy it?

  2. Thanks Anonymous!
    Do you mean my title picture? I took it.
    First, I tried stacking my cookbooks with my GAAP and CPA review books, but that didn't look right. I became frustrated and tossed my calculator into the storage dish (it was drying in the dishrack with the wire whisk and other stuff).