Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Study Plan for AUD

I posted my study plan for Audit over at CPAnet Forum and thought I would share it with you here as well.

I'm using Yaeger HomeStudy which uses the Wiley books. My study plan is as follows:
  1. Read Module in Wiley book and related Professional Standards Outlines in the back and make notes in the book (Highlights: yellow-my notes, pink underline-Yaeger notes, blue underline-Yaeger cram)
  2. Watch Yaeger Home Study DVD for that Module and take notes in the book
  3. Do all questions in Wiley book for that Module
  4. Go over the answers to those questions and take notes on why the answer was right or wrong
  5. Make a note of % of questions correct
  6. Use Wiley Focus Notes like flashcards when away from home without Wiley book
After I finish all the Modules:
  1. Review my notes in the Wiley book (only notes and text that are highlighted)
  2. Do all questions in the Wiley book again (making sure % correct > 80%), including AICPA released questions and SIMs in the back of the book
  3. Watch the Yaeger cram DVD
  4. Do Wiley software questions if I have time

Looking at this study plan I created in Excel, I think it's very ambitious, but I am halfway through the material and I think I am retaining the material well and gaining confidence.
What's your study plan? Please share!

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