Saturday, April 25, 2009

I sat for Audit today

I sincerely apologize to my readers. I finally took Audit today. That's why I have been neglecting everything and everyone this past week. Sorry I haven't posted on my blog or commented on your blogs. I will try to get to everything between tomorrow and Monday. I am just way too tired from staring at that book and then at that screen.

I plan to post something about how my studying went this week and pictures from Easter dinner and the dessert I made (very quick – I made it right before I went to my parents’ house!)

About the Exam – Audit is a 4.5 hour test but I finished it in 3.5 hours with plenty of time to spare for the simulations. I have never taken the computerized version of AUD before (I had passed it as a pen and paper exam), so I wonder if other people had a similar experience (?).
Out of 270 min (4.5 hours), I budgeted an hour for each multiple choice section (2 min per question for a total of 180 min) and 45 min for each simulation. I ended up finishing the multiple choice in a little over an hour without rushing (maybe I was used to answering questions quickly while studying?) and took my sweet time on the simulations. As a result, my communication memos were much more detailed than usual. I always get a "Weak" in writing style with my real-world-style basic memos that answer all the requirements, while a friend always writes comments about taking the client to a steak dinner and he gets "Strong." Since I had more time, I added a cheesy comment like that. We will see how that goes with the graders. Does anyone else find that using more entertaining comments as opposed to (or in addition to) “please feel free to call me with any questions” gives you a “Strong” grade on writing style?


  1. Thanks :-) I feel so relieved it's over! Now I have to wait until late May to find out if I passed. I am going to take it easy this week, but I have to start studying for REG soon (I'm taking it at the end of May).

  2. wow, i think it's a bit crazy that you have to wait that long to find out whether you passed or not. it's computerized for pete's sake. well, here's hoping the best for ya. rest easy this week & enjoy it before you get back to studying. speaking of studying, i need to get to it myself. not sure when i'll be taking the gmat but it will be soon-ish. keep us posted!

  3. That's interesting to hear about the written communication. I got the same thing on FAR where I wrote what I thought was addressing the question well but got a "weak" response. Did the person who added details about steak end up passing the exam? All this talk about steak is making me hungry! I'd probably give them a "strong" too just for that.

  4. Melita-
    I know! They can't even give us the BEC grade right away even though it is all multiple choice (for now). Good luck with the GMAT!

  5. qualler -
    Isn't it frustrating? When I was an auditor, I would never have written that in a memo to a real client since other people are copied on it (in an informal e-mail I would though). My friend passed one part (FAR) where he wrote that but on another part he took, he didn't do well on the multiple choice but he had a "strong" in writing style. LOL - maybe the grader was hungry!