Thursday, March 12, 2009

REG in May

I’m psyched but nervous!
I just got my NTS for Regulation and set up my Prometric appointment right away.

So, I have 6 weeks to study after Audit. Plenty of time; well, it should be as long as I don’t procrastinate after taking Audit.

REG – you’re going down!


  1. Sending you all of my best CPA exam mojo - if you need/want AICPA recently released ?s or study outlines for either section, feel free to get in touch and I'll hook up.

    p.s. THAT OMELET SANDWICH SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and makes my clams and garlic w/ white sauce pizza (on the way to my office right now) seem downright pathetic.

  2. Thanks! I was able to get a PDF of the questions from Becker's site (and I also believe they are in the back of my Wiley book). Now it's all up to me to focus.

    Haha, thanks! Actually, that pizza sounds good now that it's almost dinnertime.