Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to The Cooking Accountant's Blog!

I'd like to introduce myself -

I am an accountant who loves to cook (in the kitchen, not the books). So I figured why not combine 3 of my favorite things: writing, cooking and accounting - well, maybe accounting is not that much of a favorite.

Currently, I am seeking employment as an Accounting Manager / Assistant Controller since I lost my job due to company-wide layoffs. Considering that the job market is slow, I decided to start studying for the CPA Exam until it recovers and to devote more time than usual to providing financial planning and tax services to my friends and family. This time off has also given me the opportunity to indulge in my passion for cooking.

My original idea is to blog daily about what I am cooking for dinner that night and post the recipe and my tips and techniques. I will also write about my accomplishments and setbacks as I search for a job in this tough market and try to pass the CPA Exam.

Hopefully, you will find this interesting.


  1. Nice blog. have a look at for more financial ideas to blog about.

  2. Thanks Mike! I will be sure to check out your site.

  3. Hi
    nice post ,which shows you had a great sense of the name same cooking accountant.
    I hope you get your job as soon as possible

  4. I got curious your blog coz it sounds interesting. You have informative and yummy posts! That's a great combination for a blog. Congratz!

  5. Wow, you are really doing a good job!!