Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Madness of the CPA Exam

Have you ever taken a part CPA Exam and thought you passed but ended up failing?

It happened to me on Monday.

I was anxiously waiting to check my grade on Monday morning. I expected to have cleared 2 out of 4 parts. I thought with FAR and REG out of the way (and I took BEC last week), I only have AUD to go in April. I would be a CPA in May. I was so happy and thought finally this test is going my way.

But instead I wanted to cry (and I did) when I saw my failing grade.

What made it a hundred times worse is that it was the SAME EXACT grade I had the last time I took it!

How could it be? I studied many more hours and understood the material so much better this time. How is it possible that you could know so much after studying and taking an exam - I mean enough to believe you can teach it to someone - and end up failing? When other people ask me this I say "Welcome to the CPA Exam." When I say it, I think "There must be something wrong here. Did I enter the wrong NTS?"

Nope. The NTS number was correct. It is what it is, so I am going to have to get over it and start studying for the next part in April. This part I will re-take in May.

Have you had a similar, frustrating experience taking the Exam? Please leave a comment!

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