About Me

I am an accountant and CPA Candidate who loves to cook (in the kitchen, not the books). 

I started this blog in 2009, writing about my accomplishments and setbacks as I worked in Accounting and tried to pass the CPA Exam. I also posted my recipes and cooking techniques.

The current goals for my blog are: 

  • To write about working in the Accounting field based on my 15+ Years of Work Experience (includes: Big 4 Firm Auditor, Public Co Internal Auditor, Assistant Controller, Controller, Self-Employed Accounting Consultant) 
  • To provide information on studying for the CPA Exam (my perspective now is that of an older CPA candidate, but hopefully anyone can learn some helpful study tips) 
  • To share the delicious recipes I come up with or try from my many cookbooks and the millions of recipes online

I hope you like what I have to write! Please feel free to comment on my posts or contact me!